Monday 16 September 2013

On the way

After yoga this morning I felt I ought to take a taxi home, as after a week with a child out of school, struck by a disease with an unpronounceable name, I am very much behind with my work. Walking the mile to the bus stop, the subsequent waiting, followed by yet another walk, would take up precious time. Taxi’s in Singapore are cheap and quick, that is, if it doesn’t rain, and you can actually get one. 

It did not rain. 

But I did not get the taxi. 

If I had taken the taxi… 

I would have missed a lovely walk across the Botanic Gardens

I would not have passed Adam Food court, and would not have enjoyed the cheeky iced Teh Halia (ginger tea) and yummy Rojak (Chinese spicy salad) I treated myself to

I would not have had the chat with the old lady at the bus stop

I would have missed the friendly hello of the cheerful bus driver

I would not have gotten to observe the Filipina girl playing and joking with her blonde charge in the bus 

I would not have seen the two bright yellow, black masked Oriole’s darting around the trees on the green (a prize if you can spot them in the picture!)

I would not have had a cuddle with Louis, the neighbour’s cat, as the car’s noise would have scared him away from our steps  

Yes, I would have written a thousand more words towards my new book. But hey, if you don’t live, what is there to write about?


  1. What a great motto to live by!

  2. Your post is an important reminder and I need reminders a lot.

    It seems we are always hurrying to the next thing, the future. We've forgotten to enjoy the present moment. There's so much talk about "living in the moment" but it is not easy when we are culturally programmed to hurry on with our attention focused on the next thing.

    Slow down and smell the roses, coffee, etc. I really need to work on that!