I'm very excited to announce that a new book is coming soon! The paperback should hit the shops in Singapore end of February / early March 2022! People in the rest of the world and e-book lovers need to have a little more patience, books will be shipped soon and will hopefully be available for sale in Europe this summer. The e-book will be launched at the end of March. 


Getting lots of likes on her @junglegirl account makes 12-year-old Mia happy. Her online popularity skyrockets after she moves to a house next to a Singapore nature reserve and starts sharing real animal photos from her garden. BFF Alice won’t forget her now, even if they no longer live in the same condo.

The thing is, Mia loves animals – but as a toy or on a screen. Not on her kitchen table, like the banana- pilfering macaque she encounters the first morning in her new house. And the bigger @junglegirl gets, the harder it becomes for Mia to admit that she is scared of the wild, and that boy-next-door Kalim snaps most of her pictures. She could lose her followers, or worse, her BFF. And why isn’t Kalim allowed his own phone?

Can the haze enfolding Asia, threatening people, forests and animals alike, offer Mia a chance to set things right? 

JungeGirlMia is published by MarshallCavendish International. 

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